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SuLan worked strictly in my best interest as a buyer and she is courteous and very responsive through all stages of the buying process.  It is clear that she went an extra mile and treat us like her own family member providing attentive cares not just one of her clients.  We really appreciate her sincere help and very blessed to have her !

By Katie Seo & Qiang Cao, Cupertino


From Wei Liu, Ph.D., MBA

Re: Strong recommendation to MS.  Sulan Wang for her service


I have lived in the property Sulan helped me purchased for almost three months now. Every time I go in and out of the house, I was thinking about the conversation we had with the tenants and the selling agent to complete the deal smoothly. Sulan has done a lot of work to make it possible.

First, Sulan is a very dedicated agent. From the first time I met her and chose her (I did not know her until I met her at an open house event), I realized that she is different from many agents. She does not just want to serve the customer, she serves whole-heartedly. I have let go two agents (both are introduced by friends) before Sulan due to their unavailability when I need them in a hurry.  In a fast-paced dynamic housing market in Bay Area, I need someone who can help me to look at the houses of interest and quickly make decision before it is gone. Sulan obviously is always there to help me. In her words, “I am never too busy for you”. Because of this motto she decides to stick with, she has won my trust. I believe she has won and will win others as well.

Sulan is thinking for the customers. She would look at the place and comment on the property factually, not to push the customers to buy. She would let me know what isn’t an issue and what is a legitimate concern. For the concerns, if she does not have capability to make judgment on that, she would quickly find a specialist in her network to come to examine the property. I remember she has arranged an experienced construct engineer to check the foundation problem for the house, which is the major concern I have before making a bid. Her fast service and prompt communication has made things much easier and answers my concerns so I can beat the competitors and get the house easily.

Another important quality Sulan has is she like to help customers to build rapport with the buyer or tenants living in the property.  She is very passionate about making friends with the sellers or the tenants so they feel very comfortable to talk to us about the history of the house and why they want to sell and what are the buying criteria. All the information and conversation allows us better preparation to bid and leave good impression for the seller and the tenants.

There are a lot of details I can say about Sulan, but will not mention here. All of them are favorable for a customer to understand the property and make the right decision. I would like to recommend her to other customers down the road. Everyone in Bay Area knows an agent or two, but hardly anyone know good agents they feel they can trust wholeheartedly when they need to purchase a property. Sulan is such an agent who thinks for the customer gain, not her commission when it comes to the bidding. That alone makes her really stand out of the crowd.


By Wei Liu, Ph.D., MBA


Hi Sulan,


First, being able to meet you is the gift from God. Thank you! Without you, it is impossible to complete my house buying so happily under such competitive environment.


Your professionalism, hard working attitude, sincerity and knowledge are so impressive to me, which are worth me to learn through my life. 


Thank you for driving me every week to see all the open houses. Even when it's raining outside, I never heard any complaint from you. 


Thank you for teaching me all the important knowledges for house hunting, I can feel the heart from you for treating me as your true friend, instead of a simple client.


Thank you for helping me with your hard working attitude. No matter when it's a $800K house or a $400K condo, you always work hard on getting them.


Thank you for recommending me John. He is such a professional banker. I like him a lot. He is also a hard working and honest person.


And I can't believe I got a wonderful place within such short period! Thank God and thank you again!


If there is one last word to say, I want to say I am willing to recommend my best friends to you when they need the help. And I start to do that already. 


Thank you, may God bless you too.


By Dr. Yi Yang

PhD, Computer Vision

University of California, Irvine


Joe Han

CEO/Team Leader

Keller Williams Realty


19400 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 200

Cupertino, CA 95014


Dear Mr. Joe Han,


My girl friend, Mengyu Yuan, and I are clients of Keller Williams Realty, served by Ms. Su-Lan Wang, and our broker agent.  We're writing to you to thank you for your excellent company service as well as Su-Lan's extraordinary help and profession.

When we first considered buying a house, we got a lot of useful information from Su-Lan so we could get a better idea about the market. During our four months house hunting, Su-Lan worked with us professionally, and eventually helped us find our ideal first home. We are more than grateful of having Su-Lan as our agent, because she paid so much attention to our every detail step, instructed us with all her experience and helped with her resources. Besides just being a professional broker agent, we felt that Su-Lan paid us with extra patience and has been very kind and nice to us all along the road. As we are in our very early age of career and lack of experience in the property market, we spent a lot of time touring open houses, which was time demanding. Su-Lan was with us every time and made important suggestions that we would otherwise not notice at all. She really thought from the clients' perspective and help with soul.

We enjoyed working with Su-Lan as our broker agent so much because of her being professional, patience, dedication, attention to details, as well as empathy for clients. We would also be totally honored to have her as our elder friend in the future. More importantly, we will definitely recommend Su-Lan to our friends in need of a broker agent.

Thank you again for the chance to work with Su-Lan and your company!


By Mark Sun and Mengyu Yuan
563 Harriet Ave,
Campbell, CA 95008


Hi Joe -


I just wanted to reach out and let you know what a stellar job Su-Lan did for us in closing the deal during this tough Bay Area market.


I've also posted a review to this effect on Yelp.


Her assistance was invaluable in allowing us to fulfill our search when many that I know gave up eventually due to the amount of competition.  And it didn't end with COE - she followed up afterwards to make sure all the loose ends were tied up and our move-in needs taken care of. What a treasure! 


Please give her a warm "Thank-You" from both of us! 


By Lulu Lin (and Sudhanshu Bist) 


This is Ming Wei and Yuan Chen who recently bought house with Su-lan's help. We like to write a letter to thank Sulan for offering so much help for us.


Su-lan is a very dedicated, very helpful, and very professional agent, and she always think the best of us.

 It's a long and tough process to buy a home as a first-time buyer. Su-lan is always there to provide help, even we call her late at night (almost every night especially in the last few weeks when we make the offers). 

Everytime when we are ready to make offers, Su-lan will explain the reports to us about the good side and down side of the house. Actually  we were about to make offers a few times, but with the help with Sulan, we decide not to because we found some issues which sometimes might be ignored. We finally bought our dream house with a very good price , and it's the first time we make the offer. Think about the crazy market in bay area, I will say 20% is our luck and 80% is all because of our best ever agent: Sulan.  

After we bought the house, Su-lan also help us  for remodeling, contractors, and buying appliance.... I cannot describe how grateful we are to have Su-lan as our agent. 

I wish I can write more because there are so many things I can list here that how great Su-lan is. I really don't think any other agent can offer the same help as Sulan does. What Su-lan does is way beyond the agent. I actually recommend Su-lan to my other colleagues and they are also very impressed. For my colleagues who are going to buy a home, every one asked me about Su-lan's contact. I believe Su-lan will be there first choice when they are going to find a home.


By Ming Wei (and Yuan Chen) 
2357 Manhattan Pl.
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Mobile: 1-407-733-6491


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